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Ok - I’m trying to pinpoint dates on two operating box cars. Most of my Lionel stuff I look up online is easy to ID but these two don’t fit the variations. These both have steps at the corners and staple end trucks. My guess is they are from late 1949 based on my research but the AT&SF is supposed to have brown doors and these are black. And the NYC also has steps and staple end trucks but according to my research - this combination doesn’t exist.

What am I missing? Is there a better online reference than tandem associates? They seem to know what’s up. (Except for these!)


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  • 70A4EEAE-8DFD-40AF-91D8-42A77B81446E
  • 7DA4F5CE-1F63-4F8D-BEF2-194A0EE1F0C2
  • 51692F61-0FDD-478D-8330-8351719EF623
  • 0B2661A9-C420-4712-8E3F-515DE01EACF9

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