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The TCA has announced the following cars which I found interesting.  I was hemming and hawing on ordering the 2 cars and I finally bit the bullet.  They look great in the photo.  They DO seem to be selling fast.



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  • BOTH-PENN-Union-Line-Double-sheathed-BC
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@BradFish1 posted:

Do you have a link? I couldn't find them on the TCA website.

Hi Brad,

Go to:

and click on Exclusive Offerings / Train Cars.  If you only see a few train cars, it means you're only on the public side of the page. You have to go to the upper right corner of that website and look for "member login". Once you're logged in and you go back to the store, you see ALL the offerings, including the ones discussed above.

And to those people above that mentioned limited availability, yes, I just checked, and there's only 3 of the 2-car sets remaining to be reserved.


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Since we moved here in CA from PA nine years ago, I have been migrating my fleet to mostly Union Pacific and Amtrak trains. I sold all of my CSX and Norfolk Southern engines and freight cars.

BUT LOL, all of a sudden I have a renewed interest in PA rolling stock! I ordered these nice looking PA cars from the TCA website and recently purchased some other PA rolling stock. I’m down to just two PA locomotives, my scale GG1 and a  E6 Atlantic. Maybe another PA locomotive may be needed soon - I am fond of the camelbacks…

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