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Hi Guys Hoping I can get some Help and answers to this, I was at a small show yesterday and found the LIONEL 6-18953 NYC SYSTEM ALCO PA-1 DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE 2000 O SCALE along with the pb-1 non powered unit i have a couple of questions about it one is there a PA-1 dummy unit? ( I've been trying to search without much luck) and also how hard would it be to add sound to these units?  And what would be the easiest (Very novice with electronics )and inexpensive way to go ,it currently only has signal sounds and the B unit is non powered so i would need to find pick up rollers for that

Any hep would be greatly appreciated


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Those were sold as a lone powered A unit with SignalSounds (a good sounding horn and bell) in 1997, with a B unit with full RailSounds following in 1998. There wasn't ever a B unit without sound, so either someone removed the sound system or you have a mis-matched pair.

The easiest way of solving the problem would be to find the proper B unit with RailSounds -- 6-18966.


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Choo-Choo Johnny - As PaperTRW stated, the NYC matching PB unit for this set had full RailSounds and, since I have the matching Santa Fe PA/PB equivalent of this set, believe me when I say the PB’s full sounds (including additional horn sounds) are terrific, especially when combined with the PA’s horn - thus producing a multi-chime effect that’s one of my favourites.  So my advice to you would be to keep your eyes out for the PB unit (6-18966).  Trust me - you won’t be disappointed!

As to whether Lionel ever released a matching PA Dummy - I agree with PaperTRW that they never did.

I had the Lionel NYC PA & B at one time. My first TMCC engine. No sound in the A. The non powered B had sound only. I remember the B was delivered a while after the A. They weren’t sold as a set. I’m not good with remembering numbers. I don’t thing your B unit was meant to go with that engine.

I remember Marty Fitzhenry running an ABA set of these. Pretty sure the A’s had the same road number.

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