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I purchased years ago from a garage sale the NYC 2344C - B unit. A very clean hole was drilled thru the side of the car body into the metal frame beneath and was secured with a screw. Has anyone seen this previously. Did Lionel drill the hole or was it done by some other person? In these two photos I have removed each screw to show the screw hole.


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I own 1 original B unit and 3 others that I acquired. All very clean and in like new condition. None of them have the hole that you describe. And with all the research I have done on the NYC B units I have never read or seen one with holes that you describe. That had to have been done by an external party. I have a very unique B unit with duel motors. It looks like it came from the factory that way it was done so nice, but after doing tons of research on it I could not see that Lionel ever manufactured one. But in all my research I never saw or read about one with holes drilled as you describe.

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