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I recently bought 6 MTH NYC cars 30-6256D, 30-6256C, 30-6257.

I am trying to gain access to interior, but I am stumped!

One screw under each coupler does NOTHING.  It appears the bottom  and sides of car are one piece.

The top or roof of the car appears to be loose but I cannot figure out how to open it....


There does not seem to be any other screws.  My best guess is that the top snaps on, and perhaps there is a secret to get it off.


I appreciate any help you may give,

San Diego Frank

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Chuck, this was good info, but I unscrewed the 2 screws closest to the coupler and then tried the twist.  I broke the plastic slightly.


Then, I looked at page 14 closely and there are 2 recessed holes that contain 2 phillips head screws inboard of the other 2 screws.  I removed those and the top gently popped off.


Live and Learn!


Another question though.  I bought this set with 4 cars and also 2 extra cars.  When running with all 6 the engine spins its wheels on certain parts of my layout which is mostly very flat.  I removed 2 cars and it performed better.  


Any experience with that?


Thanks again,

San Diego Frank

San Diego Frank

In my experience with wheel slipping on my mth subway trains with 6 to 8 cars I changed out the traction tires to the lionel type. It can pull all eight subway cars with no problem. I did clean the track and lube the wheel sets and still had the slipping. That's when I changed them to the lionel tire and all works great. I hope this will help you.


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