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Morning Everyone,

Think I have decided to unload my HO scale equipment and move over to 2 Rail.  Interested in a modern diesel layout.  A couple of quick questions...  I've read that I can use my new NCE Powercab System I had purchased for HO to run O Scale.  Anyone using this system or any input?  Second...  Are there any layouts in the Savannah or McDonough, Georgia area that I could take a look at for some motivation/inspiration/ideas?  Thanks for any feedback.


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The basic Power Cab starter set is a 2 amp system.  Depending on your locomotives and the size of your layout it will certainly be usable while you start your O scale adventure.  As the layout grows and your train roster grows you may want to upgrade to a larger amp system IE either the 5 or 10 amp versions.  However your Power Cab will still be great for being a yard hostler etc.  Have fun and welcome aboard!  Russ

I'm also considering expanding my planned layout into unfinished attic space to allow a train to exit one side of the room and appear on the other (maybe 40' of track in attic) and allow switching in between.  I would enclose that track and insulate to keep heat and dust to a minimum (South Georgia) during the summer months.  If I ran the trains through that area occasionally and stored them in the air-conditioned room, would the heat cause any adverse effects to locomotives?  Thanks,  Todd

willygee posted:

MTH PS3 premiere are DCC equipped right out of the box..just flip a switch. The Railking PS3 line may be as well but i am not sure..(remove jumper or ?) I have friends using NCE and are fond of the PS3.

Early RailKing PS3 had the switch. It's been removed in recent production since RailKing units aren't made in 2-rail (or with provisions for 3/2 conversion, AFAIK) and, well...this particular thread is posted in the 2-rail forum, so....

The jumper is still present on RK PS3 boards so as far as I know, thusly equipped RailKing can theoretically run under DCC, above)


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mike g. posted:

You should check into it, but I believe you can just buy a power booster for your NEC system, I was able to buy a power Booster for my MRC Prodigy system.

Sure can, and lots of people use them for various reasons.  $175 or so.

When you feel that you have the need for more than your 2A .... sometimes people sell their NCE Power Pro systems on eBay at very good prices, when they decide to leave the hobby.

Good luck.

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