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I have just a single MTH engine, and it is an oldie with ProtoSounds with no version number (so let's call it 1.0).  I know that this is for sound only, and you can do some super basic stuff by juggling the bell and whistle switches.  Meh.

The rest of my environment is going TMCC.  I have Lionel engines, K-Line engines, some TAS SAW boards and now one with an AC Commander + RailSounds Commander.

I'd like to update the MTH engine to use some form of command control, as opposed to the Conventional control I now have, but I don't want to lose the sound that's there.

Is there a simple way to interface the PS 1.0 sound module with any of the TMCC control circuitry?

Thanks in advance!

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Ideally what you need is that board- a Digital Dynamics Equalizer board.  They were designed to be a drop-in replacement for the standard MTH bottom board.

Here's the Digital Dynamics Equalizer Installation Manual where the TMCC manual are all linked

Jeff. such a shame, the Digital Dynamics Equalizer board and the Train America Studio's UCUB board was the end of the line for PS-1.  In some cases that was the only way to get the proper sound set for many PS-1 locomotives. Both companies  are long gone likely never to return. However those boards are still around and turn up on the famous auction site from time to time and sometime here on the O Gauge Forum. You still have to be willing to give up Cruise  Control, as neither board has it. Or use ERR and some generic sounds. Same goes for PS-2 and 3 boards you might have to settle for sounds which are not quite right. But you will have Cruise.      j

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@Homey B posted:

Why does it always seem that the products you need the most are all out of production/stock? 

Because a long time back the market determined that, although they seemed to be a good idea at the time, no one really wanted them badly enough, and production was subsequently shut down.   Then in that 'aha!' moment, you suddenly figured out that you did.

Happens to me all the time.

I think maybe we need to clean our crystal balls.


So, let's ask this a different way, because I do not know all that much about the PS1 system...

Can I install a TMCC-like control board for the motor, move the couplers and whatever from the PS1 control card, and then leave the sounds portion of RS1 alone, somehow to figure out what to sound like and when?  I accept the loss of coupler sounds.  I understand that I lose whatever "chatter" there may be.  I just want to get the sound of the prime mover, horn and bell - nothing else. I'm concerned that this is too tightly integrated into their electronic E-Unit, so that if I don't have it driving the motors, it can't tell what's really going on...

Just trying to get creative here...

Jeff, I really think you're tilting at windmills here.  This topic has been beat to death several times, and there's no practical and/or easy to make this happen.

My advice is to cut your losses and consider a PS/3 upgrade.  You can choose from a wide variety of prime movers, horns, and bells.  I suspect you can find something that pleases your palate and doesn't drive you crazy trying to hack it into submission!

@JohnActon posted:

Bet he would have to spring for a ProtoSound control system. Not cheap !          j

However, the initial query was about doing a TMCC upgrade and adding the PS?1 sounds.  Since the TMCC upgrade, say the Cruise Commander or AC Commander alone is $160, close to the price of the PS/3 kit.  Nothing is cheap nowadays, you know that.

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