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I know that the current tiu is version L, but what features will you miss by buying an older version.  Were there lots of earlier versions and are there certain ones  to steer clear of?  Also are the handheld remotes all the same or have then been changed a lot also?  Please be kind to a DCS newbie and set me straight  Thanks

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Handhelds are the same. I wouldn't hesitate to buy any version    except... an early G from around 02  (nothing to indicate version on the bottom) and a I3a . 2008?.  Everything else can be upgraded software wise.

Having said that  we still a early G on our large super mode layout with version 5 software.

How do you know the condition of the stuff you're thinking of getting is the question..

I suppose if you can purchase it cheap enough  it may be an option . I think I'd go new unless I knew the person.

I wouldn't buy anything other than the latest TIU (Rev. L) and remote from, an authorized MTH dealer for the following reasons:

  • The Rev. L TIU has newer technology and improved performance over any previous model TIU.
  • The Rev. L has a USB port which negates the need to purchase a separate USB to serial cable.
  • The price difference between a new Rev. L and a used Rev. L is at most $40-50, and a new Rev. L, purchased from an authorized MTH dealer, comes with a 1-year MTH warranty.
  • A used TIU comes with whatever issues the previous owner fails to mention, often because the owner isn't DCS-savvy enough to recognize that there is an issue.

While all DCS Remotes are pretty much the same, thumbwheels have been known to wear out . I'd the remote purchase new from an authorized MTH dealer for some of the same reasons I've stated above regarding the TIU.

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