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Just some quick info.....

We have sent out invoices for most of the Maxi 4 well car sets that were pre-ordered.    Just a few 2 go.  We  will start shipping these on monday.

We will be working on Horizon/comet cars  invoicing today.

Coming in 2 weeks......  We will invoice for these next weekend.  Trying not to invoice more than a few days before stuff gets here,

53' containers.  We will post extras available on the website once we see what we will have in extras.

17,600 gallon tank cars.  Will post extras up for sale.

some of the Former MTH E-8's.  We only ordered for pre-orders on these.  We still have some MTH E-8's in stock. They are up on the website.

Arriving mid-june...

25,500 gallon tank cars

40' steel reefers

70' (former MTH) streamlined passenger cars

The rest of the E-8's and a few ES-44's

NJT comet cars

I'll talk to MTH on monday and see whats going on.    Pushing to get RS-1's into production.

Recent special run arrivals.....Have a few UTAH Rwy RSD4's and D&M RS-3's available.   The LNE RS3's are sold out.

Vermont Railway and Green Mountain 40' AAR box cars are here.    The MTH 40' AAR bos car is Atlas Master line quality.  Its really nice with wire handrails and great detailing.  Not like the earlier 40' MTH box cars with the 8' doors.     Also the Falstaff green reefers are here.  One each of the falstaff brown and green reefers make a nice pair!.  If things ever settle down and we get some breathing room, we will be able to off these and some other MTH freight cars in 2 rail.   We have the trucks...just not the time to do the conversions.



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