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1.  Barring any new setbacks, rachel is scheduled to arrive back home on friday april 5th.    Its been a long hard road.   Massive infection, kidney failure, pulmonary hypertension, and 3 weeks in the ICU due to incorrect administering of dialysis for her condition.  The ICU Dr. was the best dr around, and saved her life twice.    Now in rehab to gain muscle strength.  Kidneys slowly regaining function.  Lungs and  heart good so far.   THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND WELL WISHES.   Prayer, modern medicine, and great doctor, and showing up at the hospital every day for support seems to have had a positive effect.    With any luck, life here (and the train biz ) will get back to within a million miles of normal

2. Train biz...     My friend Jake is moving back to Paso Robles from LA, and will start helpng me with the train biz again in a week or so. As rachel recovers, she will be able to help again too.   Once jake gets up to speed on email campaigns, the plan is to get out one every week or 2, with new old stock listings, and some sales on things that we need to move on.

3. whats new, whats coming...

(NOTE:  I will be offering some of the  MTH cars in 2 rail.  Havent figured out the upcharge yet.   We have the 2 rail trucks here...its just that changing trucks on some MTH cars isnt too bad (like open top hoppers), and on some cars its a HUGE PITA (like covered hoppers and tank cars)

MTH Railking Scale RS-3's are here, including our special runs.  The Utah RSD-4's have been invoiced and shipped. We have a few extras if anyone is looking.    The L&NE and D&M RS-3's are here, and invoicing will hopefully start within a week. Both of these are sold out as of now.  Also have the new MTH RS-3's here in B&M, and RSD-5's in SP and PRR.    Also new in stock recently are the skeleton log cars

Arriving from MTH in a week or 2 will be the Vermont Railway  and Green Mountain 40' AAR box cars These are really nice highly detailed cars.  Also 36' wood reefers including our special run Fallstaff car in the green scheme,   And Railking scale SD-45's.  And some other stuff..... Invoicing for pre-orders will start after we get the RS-3 invoices out

Atlas...  Pre-ordered SD70's , ES-44's , F-7's and former MTH bathtub gonds have been invoiced and shipped for the most part.  Arriving in 3-4 weeks....the Maxi 4 well cars (3 section 53' double stacks). the comet and horizon passenger cars (all except  NJT),  more F-7's , and some odds and ends of freight cars.   In stock recent arrivals include the Northeastern cabooses, Magor cabooses (including our special run IHB), and former MTH 4 truck depressed center flat cars with transformers.

Thanks to everyone, again, for your your support thru the last 2 months.   And special thanks to our suppliers who have been more than helpful in enabling  us to weather the storm.

Eat healthy and be well....


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