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Atlas...53' containers are here, and shipping starting monday june 3.    If you pre-ordered some and have not gotten an invoice, pls let us know.  Extras will be up for sale on the website as soon as the pre-orders are all shipped.

Comet and Horizon passenger cars are here and mostly have been shipped.   Extra Horizon cars are up on the web.  Extra Comet cars will be up on the web as soon as a few unpaid invoices are resolved.    The NJT comet cars are due soon, but may be delayed bc the boxes for the comet cars so far have been so flimsy, that many arrived here rather beat up.  Ive been told they are working on new boxes.

E-8's have been shipped.   We have no extras at this time.  We do have some MTH E-8's in stock...They are the same engine, just cost a little less..

17.360 gallon tank cars are here, and shipped to those who have paid for their invoices.  Again, if u pre-ordered and did not receive an invoice, let us know.   Extras are up for sale on the web site..   https://www.publicdeliverytrac...&section=product

Maxi 4 well cars have been shipped to all who have paid.....we have a few extras avbl on the website... https://www.publicdeliverytrac...&section=product

If u want  anything from the Spring 2024 atlas catalog, we may still be able to get orders in for the next few days


Some F-7's have arrived, and extras will be on the web shortly.   All the recent AAR 40' box cars, including our special run VTR and Green Mountain box cars.  Also all the 36' reefers are here, including the Manschevitz wine , and our special run Falstaff in green.  

Eventually we will be offering The following MTH cars in 3 rail......36' reefers, 40' AAR box cars, fishbelly and other hopper cars, 50 PS-1 double door box cars, 50' gondolas....and some others, depending on how difficult the truck changes are...


2-8-0 consolidations are on the way, and a few hopper cars.



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