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Newsstand from the vendor, a little large


Newsstand reduced to 66% onto card stock.  I think it looks more realistic.  During the steam era one of these was close to every railway/commuter station and at least one in most down town areas.  John


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Gettin' spooky around here!!

Just yesterday my wife, cleaning up some stacked piles of this-and-that, handed me a manila folder with copies of a three-part series on NEWSTANDS, by Vic Roseman, published in the June, July, August 2005 Mainline Modeler magazines!  The sub-theme is "Liven Up Your Railroad Station Scene".

I have no idea why I copied this series.  But seeing  John's thread title and creation at just about the same time, was.......weird, man!!

'Whaddya wanna do with this?', was her question.  Too good of an article to pitch, "File it, of course!" was the obvious answer. 

(Prediction: In another 15 years the same scenario will take place.......right?...if I'm around.)

Here's a couple of newstands we've done.  The first a one-piece Marx (?) item, my wife re-decorated...


And the second, from a Buster's Barber Shop kit by Bar Mills...


...neither are on the same level of detail the referenced article suggested.

Vic Roseman's article was stimulated by old Faller, Peco, Merit, Airfix newstand kits (HO), enhanced using photographic techniques for the magazine covers and candy counters.  Lots of good ideas for city/station scenes, especially of the last century.  Another old article worth clipping from the old magazines!



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Though not a stand alone newsstand, my all time favorite remains the one that could be found inside Tampa Union Station.  I discovered it right after my stepfather had moved us from Dallas, TX to Tampa, FL in 1959.  As a matter of fact, I purchased my first 50 cent copy of Trains Magazine off of it.  You could even grab a 10 cent ice cold fountain Coke (Reg.U.S.Pat.Off.) and 5 cent chocolate mint paddy from the nice lady who ran the counter. 

As fate would have it, when I started delivering The Tampa Times after school, I discovered that she lived on my route!  She didn't take the paper since she could read it during her break at work.  However, this proves that it's indeed a small world afterall...sometimes anyhow.

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