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The Greensberg show was in Edison this week and had some pretty good stuff at fake pricing. I bought a U.S. Army 0-8-0 steam engine and tender with remote and Wi-Fi for 80 bucks brand new. I also purchased 2 military cars for 20 dollars each. Everyone is always friendly when I go there. I had a F-3 ps1 Rock Island that the train doctor is gonna fix for me. I have OCD so every train I own has to work correctly. I also bought a HO Mantua for 75 dollars and I think this is a rare find. It’s a 2-6-6 steam engine but in the wrong box. I am still trying to locate it on the internet.


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Did you happen to see any NJ Transit items?

Overall, not really. I was with the family so I wasn't super thorough, but saw most tables. I only remember seeing one NJT item - and I think it was some of the "cheap" ~11" passenger cars from a Lionel starter set.

Random cheap rolling stock was good pickings... There was also tons of postwar. There were some decent deals but also vendors selling starter sets for close to MSRP, too.

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