Fellow forum member Steve sent me this Lionel switcher for repair and maintenance , just wanted to show his awesome weathering skills. 


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RMT...Ready Made Trains posted:

Yes, Steve C. does great weathering...great train guy too!


I totally agree. I am going to send him one of my locomotives one of these days. 

He has a great layout too! 

Here is an old pic from 5 years ago:



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I agree Alex.

I always scrutinize Corsair's posts for just that reason. He really is accomplishing something special with his models and his layout as an overall package. I always enjoy seeing his layout and equipment pictures.


Steve did a bunch of my engines. Some of my favorites.  Someday I’ll picture them here


i think the best part of his layout are the backdrops.  Lol

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I think less is more when weathering and he did a great job. The effect is more "look at that tired old locomotive" instead of "look at that weathering job".


I would show you what he built for my wife and me, but it’s raining outside so I can’t take a pic of the trex dec he built.  Whether it’s weathering or construction there is no one better. 

The Central aught to be ashamed, sending a loco into the shop without running it through the wash rack first!

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