They are in various states of completion but all are close. Thank goodness all the unpainted cabs will all be red. I have 7 more with bodies almost complete. We are into our third day of rAin here so there is nothing I can do outdoors.


The Caboose Track


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Brother_Love posted:
NJCJOE posted:

Wow! Amazing stuff. You are the caboose master.

By the way, I thought you were retiring.......

Thank you. I am, I’m taking no more orders. I should be through with all of these and a few more by March.

Rats.  I had ambitions of adding one or two more to my fleet but am not ready to pull the trigger now.  Well I will just treasure the one I got all the more.

However Malcolm I am afraid you are not finished.  You need to do a photo retrospective of the various cabooses (cabeese) you've done and have OGR publish it.

Malcom, I tried sending you a personal email from your profile, but it would not go through.  So, I apologize for doing a personal response here, but this reminds me that I have been meaning to contact you for a long time, but keep forgetting to do so.  I would really like to have you make a standard steel side SP caboose, so was wondering:  are those you show in your photo all presold?  And if not is there a SP one in there?

And if not, what do I need to do to get on your list for your next production run?


Peter Atonna

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