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A couple months ago, I preordered an Atlas E8 in the new NJ DOT colors. When I received notice that my purchase was being refunded, ( I was too far down the list at Mr Muffins to get one) I had to scramble and find one in stock. Trainworld came through, having three in stock. I bought one of each road number and received them the other day.

The E8s are nicely painted in the correct colors. The details are generally correct too, showing the PRR lineage, common with many of the NJ DOT E8s that were used in commuter service on the New York and Long Branch Railroad.

The presence of the dynamic brake fan will be addressed eventually, probably by replacing the whole panel with a blank.


The engines came with blank white circles on the sides. This is where the original NJ DOT logo was located. The logos were slowly painted over when New Jersey Transit took over commuter operations from the DOT and Conrail.

I had decals that fit perfectly and added them to the engines. I also have some “more“ detailed pilots that I may install on the engines. I just need to paint them first.


Finally, a couple years ago, I painted a MTH coach into the NJ DOT colors. The real cars were converted from Burlington Northern long distance cars. Some were repainted like this one. Now I plan on doing a few more…




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Nice Tom.  I spent my early teen years way too close to trackside watching these E8s pass by in Oceanport.  I have an old set of photos E8s in this scheme from the summer of 1982, but they have been misplaced for years.  In the summer months we would have the windows open at my house and I could always hear the 567 prime movers growling from at least a mile away or more while the 645 equipped GP40Ps were much quieter.  Of course, quiet was a relative term after electrification came south and the Arrow III's, E60CH, and later ALP44 pulled trains came along.

I remember clearly seeing the BN "swoosh" under the paint of several of the NJDOT cars in during my youth. 

Picked up the latest Atlas E8 in Penn Central colors. Nice engine, just as the NJ DOT locomotives are.

The interesting thing is that the two powered versions of the PC E8s are numbered after ex New York Central E8s In PC service. They are correctly detailed for ex-NYC engines. The dummy unit I purchased, is numbered for an ex PRR engine. That’s fine and well, but the model is detailed for the NYC prototype, just as the powered engines(same shell). Not a big deal, as the only obvious missing details are the lifting lugs on the nose. I will add them shortly and all will be right in the world!


I also plan on detailing the pilots a bit. I put a detailed F7 pilot on the PC engine, just to see the difference. I will take the original E8 pilot and add mu hoses, but not the cut lever And reinstall it later. I will also try to minimize the huge gap there too…


Penn Central had a stake in the NJ commuter business. All the railroads in NJ assigned equipment to the commuter service funded by the DOT. The Penn Central used old long distance coaches rebuilt into higher capacity cars.

I painted one a while back. It is a MTH car (originally New Haven) transformed into a PC/NJDOT coach. More will follow.IMG_8855



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