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@Chris Lord hey Chris, any word on the calendars? I haven't seen any notifications yet that I recall, maybe I'm wrong but figured I'd ask.

Too bad about the show. I wouldn't have made it unfortunately anyway. Hopefully stuff(and by stuff I mean the other "s" word).


The calendars are available.  You can go to our store to download the order form and see how they may be ordered.

NJ Hi-Railers Web Store

@J Musser posted:

  NJ Hi-Railers made the right call.   With the average age of O Scalers, whats the big deal waiting a few more months to buy trains?

Well said!
As a member of the NJ Hi Railers, and the husband of a pregnant wife, I’m glad that this is still being taken seriously by our leadership. Hopefully the Omicron surge will be on its way out by our February show.


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