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Holy cow, Paul, I didn’t read any of the posts before today! That was the Bohack to which I brought my son! We probably were contemporaries in time and geography! I went to OLHC grammar school!

When I saw some of your posts, there was something very familiar with your name... you know you’re getting old when you can be called a contemporary!!! Yes, I was from the neighborhood - grew up on E. 35th off the circle, and graduated from the Old Ladies Hockey Club (Mea Culpa) in ‘69. And to keep this on trains, the NJ Hirailers have been producing some gorgeous beer reefers for several years with names I’m sure you’ll remember - Piels, Schaefer, and Rheingold. They may still have some available. I’ve been picking up one a year, but when they came out with Bohack, had to get them both. I’ll shoot you an email later.


Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Club member Jeffrey Potischman and I unpacked, repackaged, labeled an shipped out all Bohack orders we have on Wednesday night (10/20). All orders on the books were shipped by USPS Priority Mail Service on Thursday, October 21, 2021 which means some folks will get them today based on me shipping from the Tappan, NY Post Office. For those outside the tri-state area you should receive your cars sometime next week.

My sincere apologies for the delay in getting the cars shipped out but we got them in bulk not as individually package items as expected.

For those of you that have not ordered these limited edition cars, we do have a few left.

Enjoy your cars and thank you for supporting the NJ Hi-Railers Club Car offerings.


Images (4)
  • Kevin & Jeff with packed the Bohack Cars: KMart
  • Kevin & Jeff with packed the Bohack Cars in my garage: Jeff
  • Single car production line packaging
  • Making 2 pack boxes
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