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@Sean007 posted:

I consider 2021 a clean up year for 2020. It'll probably take until next year to get everyone vaccinated that wants it.

Countdown to 2022!

Agree. Can't imagine most, if any, train meets happening in 2021 either. Sadly haven't been paying attention though I think April York will see the plug pulled plus any train organizations summer conventions.

@dottyperry posted:

Anticipated and understandable. I definitely need a hat! I couldn't attend last year, had just lost Marty and this year I couldn't have attended.   Total hip replacement I had on Dec. 23 means traveling for me isn't  a possibility for a while even without Covid.  Just wait until next year!!


Here is to a speedy recovery. Will keep you in our prayers


Thanks for the official notice, Ben. Sadly, I figured as much. It's the right call, though, given the high numbers right now.

I keep hoping the vaccines become available in large-enough numbers to get down to Kathie and me. We can't wait. Our sleeves are already rolled up (figuratively at least).

Happy New Year, everyone. Stay well, and let's hope the numbers come down enough for the spring York Meet to be held.

Chris (and Kathie)

Bummer indeed.

At least you all will now feel my pain as a Cubs fan. I’m always waiting for next year!! I can do this time standing on my head!!

How about a live stream of you guys running some trains???

Didn’t they win just 4 years ago? I have been waiting a lot longer than that. Mets-1986, Dolphins-1973, Rangers-1994.

Hopefully, there will be a lot of good times between now and the next Trainstock. April and October York, First Frost Meet, etc. I can patiently wait. For every new Trainstock that means I am a year older. I hope we can all make it there safely.

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