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Well Today I picked up the custom run MTH NJ Transit P40s from Nicholas Smith trains and I wanted to share some photos and videos with you all.

I enjoy that NST, Pat's, Stockyard express and others and getting MTH to offer custom products as some really unique items are being produced!


NJ transit leased 4 P40s (NJT numbers 4800-4803) from Amtrak to pull the new ACES (Atlantic City Express Service) from New York Penn Station to Atlantic City - not to be confused with the current Atlantic City line service from Philadelphia to AC. It was supposed to be a premium train funded by the casinos to draw folks from New York City back to AC. The train featured 4 multillevel cars with bars, leather seats, and were dedicated to that service. An ALP44 electric would be at one end, and a P40 on the other. The ALP44 would power the train from NYP to Newark, NJ where they switch to the diesel P40. The train would run to Frankford Junction and reverse direction to the Delair Bridge and Atlantic City line. The ALP44 would lead while the P40 pushed - quite a sight seeing an electric locomotive leading a train with no catenary!

Unfortunatley ACES ridership never got high enough to keep it going and service was pulled after 3 years. NJT kept the P40s though for a for more years after that and they served on the regular AC line trains and Raritan valley line trains.

Last I heard they were returned to Amtrak several years ago and are working for ConnDOT now. I defer to be experts on this one.

Here is a few photos of the prototype in ACES service - notice the red blue and black stripping on the Multilevel cars (these are not my pictures and full credit to original photographers, just using them to illustrate my point):


The Models:

The MTH model has stationsounds for Raritan Valley Line on the #4800 and Atlantic City Line on #4803.

The only discrepancy from the prototype is the numberboards on the head end. NJT has 2 above the windshield while Amtrak has a single above the headlight but below the windshield. Since this was an add on to the Amtrak model production run I would imagine it was more trouble than it was worth to change the board location and I give them a pass on that.

The only disappointment I have is that the truck side frames are not very detailed. The side frame is essentially the same as the PS1 and early 2000s PS2 model and while back then it was fine, I think now this could have been improved like we have seen on other models - just my 2 cents.



The Raritan Valley line announcements including the stop at Bridge Wuhder

And the other with announcements for Atlantic City Service including 30th Street Station and for Atco which is known for a locally famous drag strip and race track.


I really want to thank Joey and Nicolas Smith trains for bringing these great models to market!!!

That's all Folks


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Sorry for the bump from the thread grave!

Just took delivey to 4800, and it's beautiful! Question for us NJT P40 owners--anyone notice there is a "Trolley Mode" in DCS? I tried to fiddle around with this, but had no luck engaging it and the PFA doesn't engage. Maybe I'm missing something. Curious...

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