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However, there have been times I wished I had purchased a house with a finished basement

Joe, be VERY glad you have what you do. I've been looking at houses on the market. The number of finished basements that would need to be completely gutted before you could put in what you really want is staggering. Give me an unfinished, dry basement any day of the week!



"The floor is concrete and will be carpeted with 2'x2' carpet tiles. Waiting for the delivery truck as we speak."

Joe, have you looked into this product?

DRICORE® Subfloor - Dricore®

On the advice of our builder, I used it in my train room. You get a sub-floor and vapor-barrier all in one, and it's very easy to install.


I have seen that. It's a good product. My basement is very dry. We have two sumps down there. One is not even used. The other only drains the humidifier and AC condensate. I run the dehumidifier during the spring, summer and fall. I keep the basement usually at 50% humidity. There is a vapor barrier under the concrete floor and the floor was sealed at one time. So moisture is not an issue.

Plus the carpeting I'm using has a moisture resistant backing. So, I'm covered that way to. But for people that are concerned about moisture, Dricore is a great idea. Better to be safe than sorry.


I wanted to take a minute to thank you for sharing this post. It is posts like yours and GunrunnerJohn's that are so motivating. Last night I went into my train room to work on my tunnel. Something I had not touched in months with all other projects going, as well as as procrastination. Anyhow, hoping I can finish mine before you as it is nowhere near the size.

Thanks again Bud!

Joe Gozzo

True, but you got the space configured exactly how you want it.

The only glitch I see are the columns down the middle, but that would have been really expensive to lose those!  I've seen it done, but it took a lot of steel and a lot of...

But the look on Mr. Franklin's face makes it seem he's disappointed Joe didn't take the no pole option.  LOL!

Joe this is some awesome space.  Love the progression pictures!  Can't wait to see it all done as I'm sure you can't either.

Hi Joe,

It's looking better and better each time you post, now that the walls are painted you can really get a sense of the size of the area. Joe don't know if this has been mentioned yet, (i don't have the time to read the entire thread lol) just a suggestion... you should build and around the room layout and or tables that you don't have to climb up on. Also build the table height high, this way the trains are more towards eye level and you gain a ton of storage underneath.


Hey Alex.

You are right on both accounts. I will not be climbing on this layout, so around the walls and islands is the way I plan to go. This layout will be a bit higher as well. I'm envisioning two layouts, one O gauge and one standard gauge. The two will overlap at one point so I will need to make it high enough for that as well.

3/28/21 – My friend’s specialty is suspended ceilings so I let him install the ceiling grid work. After that was done, I installed all the ceiling tiles and dropped the lights down into the panels. The ceiling really made the room look nice. With this post we are now up to date.



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I once heard that on Sundays Walt Disney would walk the vacant land that was to become Disneyland. Take the time to ponder the potential on your canvas. It is a great opportunity you have given yourself.

Magic, I’m always loving this thread. Your progress Joe is at once my inspiration and evening entertainment. I can almost hardly wait for the videos of trains roaring around some yet to be seen wonder. Thanks and best! Willard

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I once heard that on Sundays Walt Disney would walk the vacant land that was to become Disneyland. Take the time to ponder the potential on your canvas. It is a great opportunity you have given yourself.

Walt did indeed walk the land that eventually became Disneyland, but it was never vacant. From the time the land was acquired and Disneyland had opened was but nearly a year. The Pope family were not only the first, but the only persons to live full-time on property. Walt loved walking the property...

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