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When I have built layouts in rooms as finished as yours I covered the entire area with 6 mill poly before the benchwork commenced.

The side benefit other than carpet protection is the ability to slide under the platform on my back as I scooted around running wires.

Using drop cloths after the fact with carpet has it's own short comings.  Just ask Gunner.......

@NJCJOE posted:

The carpet tile arrived yesterday......all 955 lbs. Hopefully I'll start on this sometime this week.

Happy Easter everyone.


First, the results are stunning.  You've done an enviable and inspiring job.

Second, for such a wide open space, why did you choose carpet tiles versus roll carpeting in a very large roll?  Do the tiles provide some advantage (e.g., cost, ease of handling, flexibility when it comes to fitting, etc.)?

Finally, how do you secure those tiles to the floor?  Glue?

It looks great.  You should be very proud.  I agree with the guy who recommend that you take a moment to ponder the magnificent blank canvas you've created an all it will become.

Steven J. Serenska

I was originally going to install a regular wall to wall carpet. I then ordered some carpet tile samples and changed my mine. First, these are commercial tiles. They should wear like iron. Plus, if any of the tiles get wet, I can remove them and dry them. They have a hard rubber backing.

The tiles are not glued down. That is recommended for commercial installations. They say if your using them like wall to wall carpet, all you need to do is lay them on the floor. I went a step further. I purchased tile tabs which are 3"×3" adhesive pads. Sort of like carpet tape. These are installed at each four tile intersection, except they are stuck to the underside of the tiles. This locks all four tiles together. After you do this at every intersection, you basically have one large carpet. To remove a tile, you can peel it up or cut the adhesive tab, then install new tabs with the replacement tile.

Also, the variety of designs and shapes of these tiles makes for infinite layout possibilities. This was also cheaper than conventional carpeting and I was able to install it myself.

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I removed them.......😁😆😁😆😁😆. I guess my photo shots missed the columns. I was trying to show some different angles.

I was thinking that you may have applied some magic disappearing paint to them. Of course, I have no idea what your plans are for your layout, but painting them out the same color as the walls would go a long way in making them go away visually.

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