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@NJCJOE posted:

I haven't made a lot of progress lately. Started adding some foam board to the layout to create some basic scenery contours. I also did a little more work on the girder bridge.

Most of my time has been spent learning how to carve and paint rocks out of 2" thick foam board. A lot of trial and error. I'm working on the rock faces that will line the river bed. I'm hoping to get to the point that meets my satisfaction soon so I can work on the river. Here are some earlier test tries.



I'm loving your work and your progress.  Thanks very much for also including pictures of your rock results from BEFORE they met your satisfaction.  Some of us are following along with both interest in your progress as well as to learn how to do similar things.  Looking at the difference between your earlier and later carved-from-foam rocks is instructive all by itself.

Thanks again for sharing.

Steven J. Serenska

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Thanks Steven.

It took a quite a few attempts before I was satisfied. I came very close to giving up at one point. Sometimes we are our own worst critic. But in the end I was happy. When we try something new, we just have to keep practicing, making changes as we go along. Thanks for the kind words.

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