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You will likely have to remove the headlight to replace the bulb. You can get 50 18v grain of wheat bulbs on ebay for the same price as what the part will cost you from Lionel when you add shipping. If you feel comfortable with soldering and have some small shrink tubing you can replace just the bulb and not have to pull the shell off the engine which you would have to do if you get the part from Lionel.



This is really helpful.

Could you send me the link on eBay for the bulbs ? Do they work on both AC / DC? I could find other uses for the bulbs.

I can make that repair but I would appreciate information on how to get to the head light bulb by only removing maybe the  boiler front and it appears the pilot  / pilot truck.

I can take apart a post  war engine but I hesitate to take apart the modern engines.

Thank for your help.


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