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In my collection is an 803 4 wheel truck pre-war hopper car with a manual dump control wheel on one side.  I have tried to find out what year and catalog this car appears in without any luck.  I have found several small hopper cars with that number but not the one I have.  I am attaching a photo to help.  Any information about this car for my inventory list would be deeply appreciated.

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According to my research, my car had to have been made no earlier than 1938 because it has box couplers with RC track sliders.  The original box couplers apparently began in 1935.  I have searched all the 1935-1941 catalogs found on the LCCA site without any being able to find just when this car was made.  Note that this car has 4 wheel trucks.  See photo.  Of course, I may have missed it.

Thanks for the replies so far; but, I am still looking.

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You have an 803 modified to mimic a 2653. It has the correct frame, plates and body for an 803, with added four-wheel trucks. Someone cut-off the end-stirrups as well as the original journal area for the two axles (note remnant embossed springs) and removed the latch couplers. Black journals on the trucks date the trucks to circa 1940, but this is not definitive to when it was modified.

85 or so years on, we can speculate that someone had a set with four-wheel trucks and acquired (or already had) an 803 and wished the cars to match and couple easier.

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Thank you.  A close inspection of the undercarriage shows signs of paint free metal along the edges of the frame.  Someone very skillfully apparently cut the frame to accommodate the newer four wheel trucks.  It does make a nice car for running purposes.  Too bad it isn't a rare factory item.  Anyway, I really appreciate knowing the truth.


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