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Hello I bought tires recently from McMaster Carr.....O rings ..I purchased red ones well ...good traction ...10 tires for $13.00 +-

So far only added new tires to back ....these are original cars ..assuming yours are the same size ..give,McMaster Carr a call and quick,

Cheers Carey 


I'm afraid of being able to measure accurately enough.  Which size and part number did you order?

Size 324, silicone. 

 O rings come pretty standardized, if they use a proprietary # they also list the actual size of it somewhere.

McMaster/Carr is a very old and reputable industrial supply house. Write the name down for that "toy store", the quality is there.(note the info seen on the sticker would be very useful to the maker. Should the quality ever come into question they can backtrack to find out why or at least round up defective batches fast)

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