Here you go boys:

6 TMCC locos, 2 are odyssey.  All work flawlessly on the home layout except the M1 ( has odyssey).  Lights come on on power up, but is unresponsive to TMCC commands.  With all working save this one, I took it to  train meet last weekend where our club would be running a modular layout.  I put the M1 on the tracks and it ran flawlessly for 2 days.

If the loco was the problem, it should not have worked anywhere.

If the TMCC base unit was the issue, how would the other 5 locos work perfectly?

Where is Spock when you need him because it defies logic!  Any help would be appreciated.




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I recall hearing of an antenna issue with this  particular model.

However, I don't remember the specifics. Maybe try a forum search.

I'd change your title and clarify it to " Lionel Tmcc M1a 6-38056  signal issue" and hopefully  someone who owns one, or has experienced this problem will chime in.

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