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Strange thing happened twice in a row this past Saturday when replying with quote to the original Topic posting (the first and Original post) on this:  It only happened when replying with quote to that specific Topic's original posting, but then later worked fine within that topic quoting replies and hasn't happened to me since then in any other replies with quote.

I was able to reply successfully (and without the Moderator review banner) within that topic without using the quote feature.

Neither my reply nor the original Topic Post in the Quote box had any images or attachments of any kind.  There aren't any notifications in my user management pages other than the usual reply notifications.  Nothing about probation or such in my email inbox or spam folders either.

This is the notification text that appeared in a large red banner across the top of the browser window after I clicked the "Post Reply" button.

"The reply you posted must be reviewed by an OGR Forum administrator.  This is to ensure that the images you included in your post are not copyrighted photographs. If your post is approved, it will be posted to the forum shortly.  If your post is not approved, it will be deleted from the moderation queue."

I can provide a screen shot of the notice if that would be helpful.

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