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Need some help here. Just got my Legacy M1a back from the repair shop (smoke unit repair) and while it will run in Conventional mode, it will not recognize Legacy. In fact, it will just default directly to Conventional. I did some online research and realized I can get it to run in Legacy mode if I apply pressure to the top of the receiver board (see first picture). My question, is there a part that secures the board to eliminate the gap seen in picture 2?
Yes, I could take it back to the repair shop, but it is an hour drive each way. Looking to see if I can fix it without another two hour round trip!76F720B2-BC03-49B0-91CA-F1F8C5C0D41478A74C6C-FC26-4583-AE8A-2F7FC7596DDE


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  • 76F720B2-BC03-49B0-91CA-F1F8C5C0D414
  • 78A74C6C-FC26-4583-AE8A-2F7FC7596DDE
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Inspect carefully for cold solder joints on the radio board top, and the joints on the main board. I’ve also breathed life into them with cold solder joints at the two pin antenna connector,…..on one instance, I ran jumper wires from each pin top to the bottom of the main board. Not hard to do, but tedious, and you’ll need really good soldering practices not to make a mess out of it,….that radio board design is pretty awful,….


John, that was my fear in doing the repair. The soldering I could probably do. It’s removing the broken pins I wasn’t so sure of. I sent mine to Superwarp seeing he had a desoldering station.
Was wondering if you could heat the solder and push something like an aluminum rod into the hole to push the pin out. The solder shouldn’t stick to it. Wiggle it out and you should be left with somewhat of a hole. One component you usually can push into a puddle of solder and find the hole. Something with 3 to 5 pins such as these. You pretty much need clean holes to work with.

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