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I received my new Reading and Northern MTH 425 last night and it contained no instruction packet.  I tired to get it off the MTH site, but the link does not work.  Did anyone run into this before and what did you do about?  This also has my warranty info with it.




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I think around 2010-2012 they stopped including instructions. I bought a Premier Genset in 2013and the instruction booklet was on the website at that time but a friend of mine bought one the day that they were in stock and he waited a few months for MTH to make instructions. 

Have you tried looking at other models that came out the same time your engine did? I’ve done that with a couple other locomotives I own.

Hope this helps.

I suggest writing a letter inquiring about the missing information.  About 25 years ago I purchased a new switch from a well known hobby shop. When I opened the box it was missing the instructions and warranty card.  I wrote a letter to Lionel asking that it be put into their warranty list.  To my surprise, 2 or 3 weeks later I received a box containing an apology letter, a warranty card and a brand new box car, worth $25 at the time.  This  also happened to me with another item not related to trains.  I believe in the power of the pen.


Most of my newer MTH stuff did not come with instructions either. It did however include a Quick Start pamphlet guide that included some basic info like Lubricating, filling with smoke fluid, adjusting sound & smoke volume and where to download the full manual if I wanted. It also included the warranty card and DCS system brochure.


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