Building O gage layout. Using Atlas switches. The arms of the switch are suppose to snap back when pulled form one side and released. My switches (Atlas #5) all have Atlas switch machines which will be powered and run through Lionel SC2 switch controllers to Legacy Cab2.

I believe at one time there was some type of electronic derailing feature that could assist in snapping the switch back after the train passed over it. Is this device necessary to make switches work correctly and if so why did Atlas stop selling them.

Obviously I know very little about this. Thanks for your help!

Bobby Cox

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The non-derail board actuated the machine to move the points when a train approached the switch and they were in the wrong direction. Atlas #6924. (I will check this to be certain of the part #)I don't recall any spring controlled switches.

The spring controlled feature, which sets a primary direction, is done with aftermarket parts in certain configurations by layout builders. Usually in reversing loops to set the in and the train and cars can push the points when exiting the loop.


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