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Atlas is the only one I know of offering undecorated. Weaver I would think would have also offered them. The thing with undecorated. The price doesn’t reflect it. Atlas often times sells at the price of a decorated car.

If you are looking for a detailed car such as an Atlas. I would contact Beth at Public Delivery Track. She shows a undecorated War Emergency Hopper on her site. But may have other ones stored away. Another source would be Caboose Stop Hobbies in Iowa. Seems to stock a lot of Atlas. They have a dated list that does show some. A phone call is required as it’s an old school shop. Best to stay away from a certain run of the Atlas 55 ton ribbed cars. They had problems with zinc pest.

Could you describe your project as far as level of detail and what your looking for as far as a car. Often times you can find a lettered car that can work for these projects. Go for the simplest lettering scheme you can find that has a good base color for your project. Lettering can be removed in a variety of ways. I’ve had good results using an air eraser. Removes the pad printed lettering and just dulls the painted surface a bit. It’s tedious to do but no damage to the car. If you need a few cars and MTH or Weaver cars will work for you. You can sometimes find 6 car sets.

In 1963-69 Lionel   cataloged some low line sets with undecorated rolling stock including two bay short hoppers.

Dark yellow in set 11430 catalog no. 6276

Gray, set 11311, catalog no. 6076-100

Olive, catalog no. 6176-100

There  also made red, black, and bright yellow but I don't have catalog numbers.

You may find some dumpster diving at a train show.

I believe MPC made some also but I don't have any specifics for them.

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