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Has Lionel said they will take care of this color issue? Or are they just looking into it?

Hopefully take care of it.

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I’ve sent Lionel an email about this issue, that’s really all I can do.  I’ve heard from some dealers that said it won’t be fixed, some others said it will, truthfully I don’t know what to believe.  Lionel made a great model here and I love everything except the color.  I think a lot will depend on the color of the cars.  If they are that bright red then I don’t think they’ll change it.  Hopefully we’ll get a resolution soon!  

For us Strasburg fans on the plus side the new 611 goes will be the bright red ketchup and mustard cars lol!

“We’re driving this train all the way to Mexico!”- Tough Guys

I called Lionel today, the official word is that they are trying to come up with a solution and expect a resolution (if they go that direction) within the next two weeks.  I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything further.

“We’re driving this train all the way to Mexico!”- Tough Guys

Doug N posted:

I sure hope they correct this.

I am going to run mine until they request them back to fix the stripe.  I am 100% confident they will or I wouldn't be taking it home.  Until then I'll just use that imagination that it is running in bright sunlight at that perfect angle.  



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