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Good evening everyone, last week in a post about whether a individual should build his layout with a summer scenery or a winter scene I made the comment about my wife and I taking pictures of some Norfolk Southern trains in the newly fallen snow.

These pictures were taken at mile marker 300 which is Torrance PA. 


Not sure what was going on this day but several west bound trains were switched over to the east bound track.

Drove further west toward Derry and Latrobe but did not see any reason for the crossover.



Images (7)
  • An ants view on top of the rail looking east.
  • Lots of snow.
  • Lots of snow again.
  • East Bound Container Train.
  • West Bound Tanker Train with some Mix Freight.
  • East Bound Auto Carrier Train.
  • 199: Grain Train switching over from Track 2 to Track 1
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Good morning everyone, thanks for the comments.


Ron, I never realized the West bound passing trains were crossing over due to the fact the speed of each East and West bound trains seem to normal for this area (45 to 55mph)


When the first East bound train cleared, the West bound signal showed a flashing diagonal along with a red light signal and in just a few minutes a west bound train came by still at normal speed.


Not thinking much of it until I moved from where I was taking pictures did I notice the West bound crossed over to the East bound track. 


After this west bound train cleared ,the signal again went from red and a horizontal position to the flashing diagonal along with the red signal.

This is when we went up to the overpass to get a shot of the West bound train in the cross over.


I agree it looks like a hard crossover like we have in the model railroad world.

I know the covered hopper cars traveling over the turnouts made a lot of noise.


I would try this on my layout there would be cars derailed everywhere!!!!!!

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