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Thanks N&W 1218 for a great video. As an "O" gauge 3 rail model railroader in the land down-under (Australia), can I ask what the "stacked" objects were on the flat cars.

Don't get to see things like that on our freight trains.....normally any freight that long is a coal train approx. 2 km's long coming from "outback" open-cut mines to the shipping ports on the coast here in sunny Queensland.

Peter (Buco Australia) 

One aspect of this train that I've often wondered with other manifest freights is the blocking of the consist. For example, you see the flatcars carrying vehicle frames spread out through the train. It would appear on the surface that they're all headed to the same destination, and would thus be all clustered together in one block (much like the 86-foot boxcars on the head end). I've seen the same curiosity in another "really long train" video, this time a manifest with several distinct cuts of flatcars carrying pipe loads:

(BTW, anyone else think the MTH flats modeling the ones in the above video thumbnail come up a wee bit short in the diameter of their pipe loads? all the real-life examples I've seen look like the ones above)


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This train is grossly long!  (144 is a gross!)

But there has to a cost in time and money to build and break up a train this size.  Can the yards take it?  Doubling and trippling to build.  At least in Houston, UP Englewood would choke!  And if you have a breakdown mid train, ouch!  Are passing sidings long enough for two of these monsters to pass?

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Thanks Uberstationmeister:

I stopped the video at around 1:38 and studied the are so right......chassis of some description. Like I said, we don't have freight loads like that here in Australia.

It is mostly "container" cargo to regional towns from the major shipping heavy industry use of trains within Australia. Just the long coal trains feeding shipping ports to get the stuff to China.

Peter......Buco Australia


Hey Dominic:

Yeh, we do have mile-long ore trains here as well, but that is on the other side of Australia - the western side, where the population is sparse. I live on the eastern side where the majority of Australian's live, and especially so in Queensland, where we are famous for our huge open-cut coal mines. These are the trains I get to see.

Peter (Buco Australia)

@R Nelson posted:

Been to Ivesdale many times.  Great morning location for east bounds!  I like Sadorus as well....

There’s a siding just west of Sadorus that goes all the way to the Sloan elevator. It’s named after my Dad. “RUMPLE” siding. If you have a NS timetable it’s listed also. My Dad worked for the Wabash, N&W, and retired from Norfolk Southern. After his retirement the NS honored his dedicated service of 44 years by naming a Siding after him. Ivesdale is my hometown!

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