i have a question about this engine. i have the chance of buying this, at a very good price. the sounds work but the engine does not move. it was tested on a command layout and i wasn't able to find out what kind. or if he programmed it into his system. is there a chance it didn't move because of that or is there a board burnt out or something else. i wish i had more info on it. i hate to pass this up as this will be my first Vision engine. any help would be appreciated.

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I have been inside the Vision Gensets and their is a lot of stuff packed into there making it a challenge to work on and to even remove/reinstall the shell.  If it won’t move could be the DCDS Motor Driver board which runs $110 and is no longer available for purchase from Lionel.  Be careful.  

I dont know that I'd mess with non functioning Vision stuff. Like was pointed out, parts are a problem, and the genset is packed full of stuff. If you dont know what you're doing with diagnosing it, or its not at such a price where you feel comfortable using it as a doorstop, walk, quickly in the opposite direction.

In addition to the functionals... the horse on the nose faces the wrong way... so its not even accurately painted. 

Its just not an engine worth bothering with.

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I've worked on a couple of Vision Line Gensets, I agree with the previous comments, they're not easy to work on.  No movement could be the DCDS, and it could be something else, no way to know without some diagnostics.

ok. thanks for all your replies. i will move on to the next engine. i dont need to throw money at something that will be a dust collector.  

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