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      Does anyone know what's going on there? I placed an order on 8/13 and they acknowledged my order and the payment and assigned an order number. They said they would let me know when the order is shipped. It's now been 15 days later and no acknowledgment.

     I went on their web site and registered so that I could track my order. The web site says I have no orders!

     Does anyone else have any experience with them?



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Frankly, I don’t understand why you all put up with this kind of behavior. Don’t order from them. I’ve ordered parts from time to time from the Lionel website but if it shows NLTW, I pass. Same with some eBay sellers. One is an OGR forum member. After a few purchases and a few issues, I no longer buy from them. This is a hobby, it is to be enjoyed. 

If you get a chance to read the other posts about NLTW, then you’ll know it’s under a different ownership....the fella John that now owns it, also runs a string of hardware stores, and unfortunately, the train parts take a back seat to his main gig....he’s a one man band with a couple of low lying employees filling in orders for NLTW....I don’t think the low on the totem pole employees have even the faintest clue about train parts....I’m not excusing this, but that’s the reality.....I buy quite a bit from ol’ John, and yes, it’s a real PITA to get up with him, but when I finally do, he gets my orders done....all I can recommend at this point is to either be patient, or dis him all together......that’s the reality of it, or leave it....John’s actually a really great guy to deal with, he’s just got too many irons in the fire....


    Thanks everyone for the replies. Pat, thanks for your words of encouragement. I did read all of the posts from 8/1 and I can see that John's other businesses have kept him from paying full attention to the parts business.

    I can understand it taking longer than usual to receive parts under his circumstances, but what I don't understand is after I placed the order, I received a confirmation and an order number. But when I went on the web site and entered my information, it said that I had no orders 13 days later!!!

    Unfortunately, the parts I need are only available from NL Train Works. I went onto Lionel's web site and it said that the two parts I wanted are available from them. I need to repair a 15" K-Line Milwaukee passenger car for my son's train, and Lionel used the same parts when K-line was "K-Line by Lionel." Brasseur does not have these parts.

   My order number is 100002989 if anybody can help.

Thank you,




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Do any forum members live near the physical site?  Maybe we could do a batch order. 

If the hardware store isn't closed to the public because of the pandemic, maybe someone would be willing to go there, meet with John (the parts guy), get all the parts, and mail them out to the individual forum members.  We could chip in for his hotel room at York or a small donation?

I live in Texas so I'm not volunteering to drive there.  Just thinking aloud and trying to solve the problem...

This is sort of an update on NLTW; more accurately my recent experience with them:

Placed an order for a bunch of parts on August 30th, a Wednesday afternoon.

Received an email Sept. 10th via PayPal shipping initiated by NLTW that my order had shipped.  (No communication from order placement until notice of order shipping.  CC charged on the 30th.)

Also, when I checked my account after I placed the order and my CC was charged, its status was shown as "processing" or some similar term.  

Priority Mail package arrived this afternoon, Sept. 14.  Each separate part number of the order was neatly labeled and packaged using fresh Tru-Valu small paper bags, and the contents were protected with mucho bubble wrap.  Packing list included.

Very pleased to have the brand new parts I ordered without any mistakes.

FWIW, these parts will be the subject of a very simple "how to" in the next week or so.

 NOTE:  Just checked my account and the Order Status shows "Processing."

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    Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you had a good experience with North Lima.

    I have been waiting over a month now for an order I placed on August 13. I had ordered two different parts. I really needed one of those parts to complete a project I had been working on most of the summer.

   So, I put in a new order for two pieces of that one part. I had a similar experience to the one you just described: quick turnaround, packaged similar to yours, etc.  I thought that they might find my 8/13 order and ship them together, but they just shipped the new order.

  I had emailed them several times with no reply, so I decided to work through Paypal. They will advise North Lima of the fact that they were paid through Paypal but did not ship the order. According to Paypal, if I get no response from North Lima by Oct. 2, I can then take the matter up to a Paypal Claim, in which Paypal gets totally involved and decides what the next step should be and takes it!


@martind posted:

I started the post in August regarding North Lima train works.   Guess what?  I still have not received the two small items I ordered on July 2 and the web site still shows "processing".  I have given up on expecting the items.  Lesson learned, stay away from them.

Marty in your case the items may not be in stock, and the web inventory is out of date.  This is why being able to reach these folks by phone is important.  Was your credit card charged?  If so you have the option of going through Visa, etc., to get your money back (although that still doesn't get you the parts.)

I hope to be able to stop at North Lima Train Works sometime towards the end of the month.

If you need parts that can be found on their online inventory, shoot me an e-mail and I can try to obtain them when I visit.

Note that if you've already placed an order, I don't want to get in the middle of that. But if you need a few things, and can get me a list including part numbers, I'll give it a try.



    I had placed an order with North Lima in August. I received and order number but no order. After a month or so, I placed a small order. I got that within two weeks!

   But after a month and a half I inquired about my original order. Someone here even gave me the owner's email address and STILL no response. After trying everything, I turned it over to Paypal. They tried to get me an answer and THEY failed, too! Finally, after not hearing from North Lima, they got me a refund!!!

   I don't know why Lionel continues to be associated with them. There's no reason for a parts dealer to have such important Lionel parts and not have decent customer service.

  Unfortunately, North Lima has many Lionel parts that are not available elsewhere or we all would be going to "elsewhere" for our parts.

  These important Lionel parts should be turned over to another more reputable dealer.

  I order from Brasseur and other dealers and I get a confirmation immediately and my parts with in a week or so. THAT'S customer service.


Gene H:

     I understand that the principle person there has another business he spends most of his time on. And so his parts business is partially or full neglected. Also, he has one person working on his Lionel associated parts business.

   It's difficult to understand a business that issues an order number but then never ships the order after numerous requests. It's even more difficult to understand a business where you have to get Paypal to intervene and THEY never receive a reply and are forced to initiate refund.

  Imagine the amount of business lost by this outfit!

  It seems that there must be other parts dealers out there who would LOVE to have a Lionel parts business and who already have a proven track record with their customer service.


@John Knapp, it's always disappointing when a seller fails to communicate; doesn't deliver the goods; and, leaves you with PP to get a refund.

Gene H's experience was with a previous owner of NLTW.  The current owner is doing well notwithstanding the Covid 19 strain it placed on his primary business.  The computer problem is unfortunate.

This doesn't help John's problem, but NLTW sells on eBay as lioneltrainparts2009 and has 274 positive feedbacks and one negative feedback in the past 12 months.

John, you had a bad experience on a single transaction while others, including many here and on eBay, have been able to get their parts without drama.

John, when was your failed order placed and what was the part(s) ordered?  How much was your refund? Those facts may help us understand the circumstances involved; but, not excuse NLTW's failure to respond.

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     The many disappointments with North Lima have been well documented here on the forum. Look at August 21- 28 comments on this forum and you will have a better understanding. Look at what RideTheRails and harmonyards say as just two examples of forum members who will no longer deal with North Lima.

    I placed an order in August and immediately received an order number. So far so good.  But that was it! Weeks later I inquired through their web site several times and received no reply. Someone on this forum gave me the owner's personal email, which I used and still no reply.

    Finally, as a last resort, I got Paypal involved and they still got no reply from North Lima, but they were able to get me a refund.

   If this were an ordinary parts dealer, I could understand, but because of the Lionel connection, I hold North Lima to a higher standard.

   I've written the whole thing off as a bad experience and so I don't want to dig up dates and items. You should also know that I did NOT give North Lima any negative feedback. There were probably others who did the same just to make the whole thing go away.

@martind posted:

I started the post in August regarding North Lima train works.   Guess what?  I still have not received the two small items I ordered on July 2 and the web site still shows "processing".  I have given up on expecting the items.  Lesson learned, stay away from them.

You think that's bad, I still haven't received my Federal Tax Refund, it was filed months ago!

@JohnActon posted:

Contact them on eBay they usually answer questions there.  Their website was always IFFY.  How Lionel ever got associated with them is anyone's guess.          j

When Lionel was in Michigan John, N.Lima was the warranty center headquarters.....hence all the was a contract warranty center, separate entity from Lionel....when the big L vacated Michigan, and reformed in NC, N.Lima got left high & dry.....the owners tried selling parts for some time, then they vacated ....enter John ( the current owner) ...I’ve talked to John several times, he can’t keep good help in the train parts is what it is....I believe he’s doing the best he can...he’s actually a really nice fella, he just has way too many irons in the stinks, but that’s the reality of it....I’ve said this time & time again to these fellas....but that’s the reality of it, ...If you guys really want the parts, you’ll have to keep pushing and pushing.....otherwise, find an alternative source....I’m not sticking up for anybody, but that’s reality....good luck with y’all s parts hunt!...I hope you guys stuck in the rut get them....


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