North Penn S Gaugers at Allentown Show

I was impressed with the very large selection of postwar Flyer items at this show...almost on par with York, IMO. I bought another 4-piece Atlantic in like-new condition for $45. When I went to pay for it the dealer said I could have it for $35. I can't tell you how happy I am with this purchase. OK, you can stop yawning now. 

Hi Joe,

Welcome aboard!  Nice to put faced with the emails.

Hi Pete,

I think I saw you testing trains on the AC line.  Hope you enjoyed the show.

I had a very good time, the one bummer was finding that friend and vendor Denny Michaels had passed away recently.  He worked at Hennings in the late 80s and was responsible for me meeting Lt Uhura at a Star Trek Convention.  Rest in peace friend.

Harry Henning III was there also.  We at NPS wish him the best and speedy recovery!

Finally, it was a really good show.  Vendors were willing to sell and customers to buy.  Everybody happy.

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