I just read this on Northwest Short Line's Facebook page.  They are closing at the end of August 2019.

"This is the post I don’t want to make but the time has come. I just can’t do this without Lynda. Following is the notice I sent to all the magazines.
After 60 years in business, NWSL will cease operations effective August 30th, 2019. The company will continue to take orders for in-stock products until July 1st, 2019. Closure is for personal reasons and sale of the business is not anticipated, although reasonable proposals will be considered."

I hope that someone can be found to buy the company.    It would be a real problem for the hobby without Northwest Short Line's products.



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WOW.....I did use a ton of their stuff....but what  did buy I really liked....good stuff. 

Seems hobby related businesses are really getting hit hard. In the model car hobby a number of big suppliers have closed. And the oldest kit company Revell, got caught in a bankruptcy, closed and was bought and moved by a German investment group. 

I know change is the only constant but with less and less companies providing good product how can our hobbies keep going??? 


Northwest Short Line has been saved!

From their Facebook page and website:

"Dave here, and I have good news. NWSL released the following today:
NorthWest Short Line Press Release
For Immediate Release

NorthWest Short Line is pleased to announce that the entire line has been acquired by an NWSL employee, effective September 3rd, 2019. All existing back orders will be filled, and NWSL will be open to new orders as soon as the new websites are rolled out; the primary website nwsl.com will carry forward as the primary contact point. The line is expected to carry forward largely unchanged although the company will no longer offer phone support. NWSL will be headquartered in Kila, Montana, located near Kalispell, and the new address is PO Box 219, Kila, MT 59920. Email contact is through the website."




The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an on coming train!

Stuart posted:

… NorthWest Short Line is pleased to announce that the entire line has been acquired by an NWSL employee, effective September 3rd, 2019 ...


 That IS good to hear. And, by an employee too … always a good thing.

D500 posted:

Well, that's good. I sure wish that Rail Graphics had been "saved", intact. So easy; great product.

I agree … Ron had all that information and everything.  Great guy to work with.


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