William 1 posted:

In my opinion, the Marines #45 missile launch car from the TMCC set is the most powerful attack vehicle in the whole Lionel arsenal.  Four missiles able to be launched rapid fire fairly accurately with a Cab1.   After nailing the cat a few times, all it took was the announcement, ‘Scanning for targets!’ , and zoom!, it was up the stairs, and never came on the layout again.  Very effective weapon.  Deadly on exploding boxcars as well.  No animals were harmed.  Just had the crap scared out of it.  A couple broad side hits from the mean green Marine machine #45 could flat out change a feline’s attitude as to what an opportune resting spot is I guess.  I was just glad they were on my side.

Cheers,       W1


Good one!  Love it.    D.


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