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Ought One is a railroad name and is quite literally in the middle of nowhere in the hills of West Virginia on the WV/KY border. The wye there is on two bridges over the Tug Fork River. There are no roads anywhere near it. Because it is a railroad name, it will not come up in Google Earth or other mapping programs.

Devon is the "city" that will come closest to appearing on most maps.  In more specific terms of location, go a few miles below Matewan and Delorme on the inaccessible section of track heading to Iaeger and you'll find Devon/Ought One.


Speaking of the Pokey run, any ideas as to when the 765 might be doing the ferry move?  Sure would be cool to catch it at Kenova again, but going over the C&O tracks instead of going down them.

We will move over the Cleveland Line on TUESDAY August 21. I got the day wrong. Glad you caught that mistake. I changed it in my original post.

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We will move over the Cleveland Line on TUESDAY August 21. I got the day wrong. Glad you caught that mistake. I changed it in my original post.

Any chance of a "pit stop" at the Ledge Rd NS yard in Macedonia?

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Sooo jealous! My father and I rode a lot of NS steam excursions, but the closest this will come to me is Harrisburg, which ain't that close.


Will there be a webcam along for the ride? Rolling wifi!

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Will there be a webcam along for the ride? Rolling wifi!

No web cam, but there may be a GPS on board the tool car with a link to our web site. At least you'll be able to see where we are.


No pit stop in Macedonia.

Rich We'll look for you on the old Wabash Main into town just across the big muddy.  It will be a real treat to see the locomotive up on the elevated TRRA trackage coming across the river.


Glad to see yinz here. We get to see the Cheyenne Crew from time to time out here...FEF 844 was here this year... challenger in 2010.


The 1990 NRHS convention had 4 heavies here 1218, 819, 844, 1522 all in great weather.

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Ok Rich, tvrm is selling their deadhead moves, ball is in your court

Not really. The Fort Wayne RR Historical Society has been contracted by Norfolk Southern Corp. to provide motive power and a train set for EMPLOYEE appreciation trips, i.e. NOT for the public. Don't see how the "765 group" could "sell tickets to the public" on an NS contracted train.


Remember, the "765 operation" is NOT the 21st Century Steam Program!

Let me clarify this, because I can see where it could be confusing.


The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc., owner/operators of Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive No. 765, have been contracted by Norfolk Southern to run a series of Employee Appreciation Specials in 2012. These trains are in celebration of Norfolk Southern's 30th birthday. Norfolk Southern was formed via a merger of the Norfolk & Western Railroad and the Southern Railway on June 1, 1982.


These Employee Appreciation Specials are not part of the 21st Century Steam Program. That program is a series of steam trains for the public. TVRM has handled the 21st Century  trains in the past and will continue to do so this year.


Next year the 765 may have an opportunity to participate in the 21st Century Steam Program and run some public trips on Norfolk Southern as part of that program. However, at this time there are no such plans in place for 2012.

Well the date for the trips out of Bellevue is not goin to work Rich i live about 2 miles east of the yard with the old Nickel Plate 200 yard behind my house and would luv to come out and see the 765 but the problem seems to be I'm getting married on the 21st so if you could maybe convince my fiance to push the wedding back a week or so I'd be very thankful I tried to do this yesterday and just got a look when mentioned not even a word outta her mouth jeesh she acts like shes been plannin it for the last 14 months or sumthin.

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There are no passenger trips out of Cleveland.


Here's the updated (and corrected) schedule:



August 11-12 - Pittsburgh, PA (2 trips per day)
Conway to CP Bell and turn on the OC Bridge (1st trip each day)

Conway to CP Wood (2nd trip each day)

Made my reservation for the first trip on August 11. It will be pretty cool to ride a steam train up to BELL. Never would've thought I'd see a steam locomotive, let alone 765, on a piece of territory I'm qualified on..... pretty excited!

A big THANK YOU to Norfolk Southern and the affiliate organizations it is working with for throwing one heck of a 30th Birthday Party. The Operation of 765, 630 and the creation of the heritage painted locomotives are one classy way to celebrate.


Can any information on ferry move dates (apart from the Horseshoe Curve info already known) be made public? Also can the scheduled times of the weekend employee runs be made public?


Those of us who who work in 24/7 jobs and weekends would love to know. With enough advance notice for job and shift tweeking, schedule manipulation is a wonderful thing!


Waiting to get more images like this one. Taken on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad in 2010 before going to work!


Steve Heister



Heister 765 portage path



Images (1)
Hope the NKP travels over the Lafayette district and not somewhere else on the Illinois division. That is right in my backyard and I would be able to get tons of pictures. I can't wait. Thank you Norfolk Southern! Brandon

Sorry for the misspelling.... Missouri




Instead of adding another post, just FIX IT! Edit the post and change the spelling. Put your mouse over the post and in the upper right hand corner you'll see some tools appear. You want the little paper and pencil.

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Can someone in the "know" tell me which direction out of Atlanta tomorrows and Sunday's trips will head? I've heard east to Austell now I'm hearing South to Forest Park. I desperately need to know so I know where to set up for video shots.



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