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So at the start of this week, I found myself in South Bend, IN, for work. While there, I discovered the New York Central National Museum. However, due to my work schedule and the fact that northern Indiana had 3-5 inches of snow on Tuesday, I decided not to go.  This is only about 2 hours from home (Ft Wayne) so I am contemplating a return trip on my time.

Question: have any of you been there, and if so, is it worth the insanely low $6 admission price?  Thanks in advance!

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It's not a huge museum, but it's well worth a visit when you're nearby.  Go on a nice day, since the locomotives and rolling stock are not under cover.  Nice O-gauge layout and other displays are inside the building.  The layout was covered in a TM video a few years ago.

The only noteworthy train shop in the area that I'm aware of is Jerry's Trains in Granger.  IIRC, the best source of info regarding days and hours is their Facebook page.  Owner Jerry Macri is a skilled and prolific modeler, and has one of the largest privately-owned HO layouts in the country in his home.  Although the shop is primarily HO (with a lot of used stuff), there is also a decent selection of older O gauge and lots of books.  Be sure to eat at Macri's restaurant while you're there.

There's also Rupel Toy Trains in Dunlap; their Facebook page makes it appear that they're still in business.  Not a lot of trains - I think it's now more of a gaming store.  Last time I was there, he also sold guns and cigars; if he got a liquor license, it would be one-stop shopping.

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It is a small museum as mentioned but has some nice displays.    The E8 has plexiglass paneling on the side you can see from the street, so you can see what the insides look like.     I was there about 2 1/2 years ago, and the Mohawk had gotten a paint job.  

Another nice feature is that it is right next to the NS Main line.   I think the original NYC waterlevel route.    So you can see real trains going by too.

We usually take a walk around the museum when in town to watch trains.  Eventually we just bought the year membership.  I don't know if I'll go enough times in a year to break even, but I'm not worried about it, I'm happy to support the museum anyway.  If you are only going once then I think the $6 is very reasonable.

One thing to note, I just received an email from the museum the other day, stating that they are changing there hours for the time being, beginning in May.  The museum will only be open from 10am to 5pm Wednesday through Saturday, and closed Sunday through Tuesday.


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I'm pretty sure that there's still a GG1 on the premises.  If I recall correctly, it is parked on the south side of the Mohawk.

Wikipedia says it's PC 4882.  The google satellite image shows a GG1.  Maybe they got a replacement for the 4903?


They do have a GG1, and it is next to the Mohawk. They have it “restored” in Penn Central lettering, but only on the side that’s up against the Mohawk. The Mohawk is similarly only partly lettered on one side, so the GG1 side is just black. There is a story that a G went to Texas in trade for the Mohawk. The Mohawk’s survival is pretty interesting, in the 50’s T&P bought it to display as a T&P steamer on the Texas State Fairgrounds.



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