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The ex-CNJ is used by NS from Easton just east of the ex-LV passenger station across the Delaware River to Greens Bridge, NJ where it shifts back to the ex-LV. NS uses or used a portion of the ex-CNJ from Bloomsbury to West Portal to serve a freight customer, past there to a mile before High Bridge is abandoned and unused. The part from Green's Bridge to near Bloomsbury might still have track, but it's severed at I-78 and to build a bridge over I-78 would require raising the height of the track. The ex-LV has a single track over I-78 on a bridge built around 1988 and there is room for a second track. Why is much of the Lehigh Line single track from Easton into NJ but it's double track from Bethlehem to Easton? And the Reading Line is double track from Allentown to Blandon then single track through Temple and becomes double track again at CP Laurel. Why the single track bottlenecks? If Amtrak trains start running on the Lehigh Line then freights will be held up if Amtrak is running on the single track part in NJ. A freight headed toward NJ will have to wait at Easton if an Amtrak is in NJ heading west toward PA.

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This thread "conflates" two very separate projects; one in South-Eastern Pennsylvania and the other in Northern New Jersey  from Hoboken and continuing to Scranton, using the old Bush Cut-off. The NE PA rails are already in place and in use (but will need to be upgraded).

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I grew up in northern NJ, between the Paulinskill viaduct and bridge over the Delaware River. The Lackawanna ran about a half mile from our house. I remember when they tore up the second track, and when they sadly merged with the Erie, and then were gone. There was a covered bridge that went across the river from Columbia, NJ and Portland, PA. I remember, as a very young kid, having to wait at the end of the bridge for the train to pull out of the Portland yard heading to Slateford junction. I distinctly remember those that were steam.

One of our neighbors used to board the train in Blairstown, NJ to travel to Newark every day to go to his family business. Another neighbor was fireman on the DL&W, and my mother's uncle was a conductor on one of the passenger trains. I also remember a trip with my grandmother on the Lackawanna from East Stroudsburg to Norwich, NY. I have may more memories, and was very sad to see it go.

I no longer live in the area, so I don't have a valid opinion as to the wisdom of reinstating service to the area, but I'm all for rail passenger service wherever it is feasible.

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