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@0-Gauge CJ posted:

I have been thinking of doing something similar to what you are doing, geting a TMCC Mountain and re-detailing it as stand-in for a Norfolk & Western K2. The N&W used USRA Heavy Mountains for the K2 class, but I am not holding out hope that we will see Heavy Mountains in O scale, so the light Mountain would probably be the closest thing in O scale. Nice to see a similar, more-ambitious project getting done, gives me hope that I can get my humble idea done one day

I also love the creativity of using magnets for the streamlining, it's brilliant! Are you at all worried about a magnetic field impairing or damaging engine electronics?

Thank you! I've seen Lionel produce a heavy USRA 2-8-2, so maybe one day we will see a USRA 4-8-2, but a light mountain should be fine to use. The magnet idea I "borrowed" from Lionel, who used a similar method on two recent legacy sets (Valley Flyer & Asa Packer) as for the electronics I consulted a friend of mine who does electronic work and upgrades for trains, he said it shouldn't be a problem since the magnets are tiny.

The drive rods recieved some painting, the reliefs on the prototype were painted, this was easy to on the connecting rods, but the coupling rods were more tedious as they didn't have the relief, so they were masked and carefully painted, the result was pretty good, I have to do some cleanup. 20220922_09094720220922_09111820220922_141204


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@Blake posted:

Prime and lightly sand parts to be painted, mix the paint with laquer thinner , I usually do a 50/50 mix, or the thinner Scalecoat sells, and spray the parts you want to paint, and let dry. I use a siphon fed airbrush, so setup might differ slightly with a gravity fed airbrush. After everything is dried spray a clear coat to seal everything. If using decals, add decals first then clear coat.

That’s how it’s done, ….nice work!….soldier on,…😁


Been a while since I posted about this, after awaiting paint and having to find another brand, I started painting all the orange trim on the drive wheels! 405 left the shops in 1938 with all decked out wheels, orange pinstripes and all. This only lasted a year before the wheels were repainted, and the orange was never redone.  This was hand painted using Tru-color SP orange. 20221117_19115020221117_18144520221117_184254received_501767498171507


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