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* This Video #836 shows a DCC Programmable Model Train Controller (aka NCE Mini-Panel) operating 7 MTH Protosound-3 Streetcars on a single loop of MTH Realtrax -- using two Z-Stuff infrared detectors and NO blocks.

I'm going to opine that to really show these PCC cars off properly, you need "The Power of DCC Automatic Control" -- a statement that Mike Wolf would surely agree with .



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Keeping 2 Streetcars Moving on the mainline at all times


Video 834, Part 2:  or

  • This is newly-made Part 2 of older Video 834 -- that shows 3 MTH O-GA. PCC's automatically operating on a larger loop than we used in the previous Part 1.
  • With the larger loop, this gives us the OPTION of keeping TWO of the PCCs continuously moving on the MAINLINE all the time.
  • We can switch back and forth between having 2 PCCs moving on the mainline or just 1 PCC moving on the mainline.
  • (With the small loop used in Part 1, we could only run 1 PCC on the mainline at a time.)


  • This system uses a single Z-Stuff detector (and requires NO electrical blocks in the track).
  • Note the previous streetcar Video 836 (described in the previous post just above) ran 7 PCCs using 2 Z-Stuff detectors (and no blocks).


We now have 2 automatic streetcar control methods available:

  • A single detector method to run from 1 to 3 streetcars (Video 834) -- with either 1 or 2 cars moving on the mainline,
  • a 2nd method (using two detectors) to run from 1 to 7 cars (Video 836) -- that moves each car 1-at-a-time between the 2 detectors.





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