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I've bought most of my equipment at this point as used.  But I do have new Lionel Fastrack.  I got some old Lionel 6-62162 crossing gates on the Bay but the connector for those older gates is not compatible with Fastrack.  These connectors are apparently only compatible with the old open track.

Could someone please advise me how to set this up?


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On the bottom of the Fastrack are the tabs for the rails. You'll see the outer rails are tied together. There is an isolation track you need to use if you want operating crossings. You'll need two of those, one at each end. The wires can be either soldered or use the small push on spade connectors. I suggest using the soldering method, more choices to solder to.

If you decide to having operating crossings, ALL of the outer rail tie bars need to be removed within the 2 isolation sections. The engine and cars complete the ground circuit between the outer rails.

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