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I have a vintage Lionel train set that was purchased in 1952.  I played with it has a child, but after that it was boxed up for 40 years.  I have set up about a year ago and with a little care the train runs fine.  I have four 022 Lionel switches in my layout.  I have recently installed two UCS tracks.  They are from the time period as the train set. 

The UCS tracks will uncouple the cars when the train is in motion. When I put the train in neutral over the UCS track it will not uncouple the cars even if I put the transformer at full power.  One of the UCS tracks I have wired to have for fixed voltage and the other is not.  Both operate in the same manner at this time.  I have six clip-ons around the layout.  I have checked for loose wires from the clip-ons and the switches and can find none. 

Because the UCS tracks operate when the train is running and do not otherwise, I think I have a power issue, but I am not sure.  I have a KW transformer to power the track and I have the switches being powered by a 1033 transformer.  I am attaching pictures of the transformers and the UCS track that is wired for fixed voltage.  The fixed voltage is wired to the 14 volt connection on the KW.

I appreciate any ideas on how to correct this problem.IMG_2350IMG_2351IMG_2352

Thanks for your help.


Images (3)
  • IMG_2350: KW connections
  • IMG_2351: 1003 connections
  • IMG_2352: UCS tracked wired for fixed voltage
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@jcmyers posted:

So you are suggesting that 14 volts is not enough fixed voltage to operate the UCS track.  How many volts does it need?  Where would I connect the USC wire to the KW?


14 volts is plenty, but not available. You have a choice of 6 volts, or 20 volts. There is no 14 volt fixed voltage post available for accessories using the track for a common return(U) on a KW if you are running trains with A-U & B-U.

I did connect the UCS wire to the B and gave it full power.  With the train in neutral and coupling of two cars sitting over the top the electromagnet all I get is a buzz.  Crazy.  When the train is running and I press the uncouple button the cars uncouple.  My transformer is pretty old.  I have run my train, though, using the B-U side of the transformer without a problem.

I appreciate your patience with me.

ADCX Rob, the last post you provided was the last piece to the puzzle for me.  I had both couplings over the electromagnet.  When the train was in neutral and the truck over the electromagnet the uncoupling feature worked perfectly. 

Thank you all for your responses and especially ADCX Rob who helped me put the wiring and proper UCS operation puzzle together.

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