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The remote-control track will uncouple the cars while the train is moving. I would like to use the remote-control track when the train is under power.   Following the instructions 70-5530-250 dated 11/03 I have connected the track to a separate power supply (1033 transformer) .  The third wire of the four wires on the remote-control track is connected directly to the A post on the transformer (i have tried connecting to the B and C posts also).  I am using a separate clip-on to attach the common wire to the U post on the transformer.  For some reason unknown to me the remote-control track will not uncouple cars using this wiring configuration.  When I power up the train using my KW transformer the remote-control track will still uncouple cars while the train is running (maybe this is suppose to operate this way??).

Any thoughts about how to correct this?


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You may have the wiring wrong. Inverted ior backwards you will . Ive seen diagrams improper to orientation of rails up rails down etc. 

Avoid trusting wire position and colors as well as L/R Up/dwn   Trace the functions and confirm it is what you have too.

It does sound like all you need is controller to cut off, then deliver power how you need to, "whenever it feels right".  You better be sure you are in phase though. If it cancels volts oh well, if you double it.... well the electromagnets get good and hot as is.   You can duplicate the controller action with toggles. You could use two remote toggle locations, etc if you wanted.

You can use the 1033.  How extensively and how exactlt depends on what other supply you use.  Two throttle units have the opposing letter variable voltage from most single throttles.  If it is constant voltage, direction the thottle moves is redundant. (you could xhoose the 11 or 15v etc constant taps)

 But using different taps on the normally smaller accessory unit is not all you might expect.

Pick one 1033 set of taps and  phase them to the main transformer.

  Any other use off the 1033 should be 100% isolated  because It could lead to an out of phase circuit. Some combos of  3-4 tapsets from 2 transformers can't all phase.   Some taps actually bypass the breakers as well.  ....fuses never hurt and really belong on accessory outputs anyhow.  It really applies to any units.

If you change taps you must be minful you may have changed phase or created a feedback loop possibility ( I think CW (rip) once said he hit a 70v pulsing.  Ive had one via pulled wire Id guess was about 6-35v pulsed.

Keep it simple and you'll manage fine until you can hotrod alone better

@TrainLarry posted:

It sounds like the uncoupling track is being powered constantly. That would account for your trains uncoupling all the time. You need the UCS-40 controller to properly power the uncoupling magnet and control rails.



I appreciate your response.  I looked for a USC-40 number on the controller, but I find no number at all.  This is the same controller that came with the remote-control track when I got it some 55 years ago.  When I search for a ucs-40 controller I find that my controller at least looks the same as the pictures I see when I google ucs--40 controller. Not scientific, but best I could come up with.

Are your transformers in phase?

The 1033 has what, in what CTT says, a floating ground.

Usually, the U post is ground.  But on some transformers, it is hot, the other letters are "ground".  Is the 1033 one of these.

Unless you are using some sort of electrical switch, the uncoupling magnet will always be on if the transformer is on. 


I appreciate your response.  I probably did not make it clear enough.  When the train is running and I push the uncouple button on the controller, then two cars will uncouple.  Without pushing the uncouple button the train passes over the remote-control track without uncoupling.

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