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I'm helping my dad set up his carpet layout. He has four o-31 O-line switches. The right hand switches work well, but both left hand switches don't. When track power or independent power is supplied, they always flip to the curve side of the switch. Even when no other track is connected from any direction, this occurs. Was there a known issue with these switches? I am thinking I will have to open 1 up to see if it is fixable. Any help would be much appreciated.

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The problem is happening even with no controller attached. No problem with the right hand switches.

Do you have plastic/fiber pins in the right spots?  It's been a while, but I recall having issues like you're having when I got my first non-derailing switches and put metal pins on the inside rails.

Is this happening when disconnected from the track. If it's standalone (no controller or tracks connected) and the pins are placed properly, then I think you'll need to open them up, return, or scrap them.

Paul I had a dozen of them. Some did exactly as you said.  I had a friend Rod Stewart look at them and the problem was in the little tiny switch inside that can't be fixed or replaced. I think he said it was the 'limit switch'.   I cut a wire inside and made the bad ones manual.   RMT still has some of these on their website the last time I checked.

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Hi Paul,

I've got over a dozen of these switches on my layout and although there are some finicky issues with them, I have not had this problem. I would appreciate it if you would either post the results of your efforts to resolve this or contact me directly (email in my profile) so I would know how to address this if it happens to one of my switches.

I would point out that as noted above, the insulated track pins are placed differently than the typical 022 switches. In addition, controllers must be matched with either the LH or RH switch, as they are NOT interchangeable. In any case, based on your efforts so far, it appears these are not the issues.

One last point.  After I purchased one set of switches, the controller failed.  It was in the warranty period offered by the seller, so I contacted the agency (can't recall which one), and they replaced the controller under warranty.  Not sure if you can use that approach.

Many thanks, and good luck with your efforts,


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