Lotsaa kits for wooden and sheet metal elevators out there...l have built all but one of them...also  kits are available for concrete ones like that, too but, of course these big real estate eaters may demand a custom build.

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

Nice looking work!

Built in the 1920's by B&O at Locust Point in Baltimore it was the largest grain storage facility on the east coast.  It is still around today having been converted to condominium apartments called Silo Point.  Just goes to show you, you can re-purpose anything.

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Hawkshaw - you did a fine job! Before I started building grain elevators I did some research. If true O scale dimensions were used each silo would typically be over 6 in diam and 3 feet tall (depending on elevator type - terminal versus smaller rural) so all designs are typically compressed.

Joe Fauty

Hawkshaw posted:

Not much out there in the way of grain silos in O scale. Made this for my layout.D449CA80-23F8-464D-82FB-A7BF7C9F1B165633E45A-25A4-48B4-9C3D-1A33D1399450

What do you mean " not much out there in the way of grain silos"?

You have the Lionel plastic kits, Korber has a small and a large silo kit. Woodland Scenics has a small silo business. 

What else do you need in the form of silos?


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